Why are most houses now using intelligent door locks?

You know a smart door lock is one of the oldest and most essential parts of a home and business alarm system. Before, you used an old lock and key in your house because they gave protection for accessing your home, but there are some flaws. You experience the keys getting stolen, copied, or lost, and you can lock yourself out when you forget your keys. Using the traditional locks can be forced open, and you will not know whether they have been compromised.

Easy access

When you install smart locks on your home, you dont have to find your keys in your purse or pocket when you enter your home. But now you only have to enter a code on the number panel and use your phone or fingerprint to unlock the door. Some smart locks can be made with detectors where the door automatically opens when you are near the door. Smart locks are the best options for those who have mobility problems.

Make e-Keys

When visitors and guests wait for you to get home, you can solve it by making an e-key sent to someone’s phone where they can unlock the door. It is helpful when a dog walker needs access to your home to get your dog, even a housekeeper, family, and friends.

Get notifications

Using smart locks in your home means you will get notifications about your doors on your phone. These notifications can include when the door is opened, who opened the door, when you have given a different entry code, and when the door was left open. It is essential and helpful when you want to know who is going inside and outside your home. When you have children, you must know when they arrive home from school, whether they take the bus or get a ride from their friends.

Home automation

Your smart lock helps you to control your home when you have an intelligent system. Unlocking the door can trigger the lights to turn on, the temperature to increase or decrease, and the security alarm to turn off. When you leave the house for the day, locking the door can turn on the cameras and the security system.

Remote access

You can unlock the doors using your phone when you forget to lock your doors or have to let someone inside your home while running some errands. There is a remote access feature where you don’t have to send a virtual key to a random person, maid, or contractor. Instead, they can call or text you when they arrive, and you will be the one to unlock the door. You can relock the doors when they notify you that they are leaving.

There are those days when your home security will depend on traditional locks and physical keys. With the smart lock, you are not afraid of being locked out of your home because you can access the keys on your phone. You don’t have to keep the keys in a flower pot or even pay a locksmith to give spare keys to visitors and guests.