The Conflict Between Politicals& Youth – Tamil Webseries

In the last few years, many Tamil web series have been created that have managed to steal the hearts of audiences. One such web series is Petaikaali, which involves a lot of thrill, romance and emotions. People have loved watching this latest Tamil web series on the top OTT sites.

If you wish to watch this Tamil web series, you must find a good OTT site and subscribe to that. In this guide, you will learn more about this Tamil web series named Petaikaali, including the story, cast, director and much more.

Director and Cast of Petaikaali

The director of this Tamil web series that is based on Jallikattu is Raj Kumar, and the Grass Root film company produces the show. The cast includes Sheela Rajkumar, Antony, Bala Hasan, Goutham, Kalaiyarasan and many more. This is one of the best Tamil web series that you have ever seen, and there are full of exciting moments in every episode.


This Tamil web seriesis about a hero who looks to tame a bull to marry the girl he loves the most. The bull belongs to that girl, and the hero tames the bull with deceptive tricks, and this act leads to the reigniting of an old animosity between families that leads to various problems. Watch this web series on top OTT sites to know how the hero solves the problem by actually learning how to tame a bull for real.


If you like watching thrilling or adventurous web series, this is one of the best web series that you can watch. The story is inspired by the famous bull game named Jallikattu and the politics associated with it. There are many exciting things that you can find on this web series, and this drama television web series has great potential and comes with not only a great plot but many meaningful and exciting scenes.

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